Commercial & Residential

Property Maintenance

Development & Project Management 


As an experienced contractor we provide a wide range of services.  Working closely with our clients to achieve a successful project.  

Our staff are easy to approach and willing to help

The majority of our new business is gained by way of personal and professional referral.  Our strong commitment to service through honesty, has developed an understanding with our customers of which we are very proud.  

We have no marketing department, as our satisfied private customers and commercial clients make our sales team. 

We aim to provide a unique single reference point for trouble shooting and solutions and we offer a professional dedicated service.

We have completed numerous refurbishment projects that were delivered on time and to budget. We are building good long-term relationships with numerous clients through the provision of cost effective repairs, general building projects.

We are fully experience in carrying out risk assessments, complying with current Health and Safety, COSHH and Building regulations. 

Our approach and awareness continues to pay dividends.