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Our Environmental Policy

It is the policy of the Company to provide its services in a manner as to safeguard the public and employees both in the present day and for the future against the affect of incorrect Environmental Management

To this end the Company Senior Personnel will keep themselves up to date on all relevant environmental issues and legislation thus ensuring the Company's ability to achieve good sound environmental management.

The Company accepts responsibility for the Environmental Management and maintenance of the operations at it Head Office, the transport of material to and from the Site, the safe disposal of waste, all legislative documentation, certification and any environmental effects.

All CCS Ltd personnel with environmental responsibilities will be are made conversant with the Company's Environmental Policy, Procedures and Work Instructions.  The Policy, Procedures and Work Instructions will be periodically reviewed and are mandatory to all Company personnel involved in environmental aspects.

This statement represents our commitment on behalf of the Company to strive for continual improvement of environmental performance, as well as the setting down and publication of environmental objectives, and targets.

CCS Ltd will communicate openly with neighbours, the general public, government, regulatory authorities, and all other interested parties to further the shared goal of improving the environment.

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